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Barbie Bracelet

Barbie Bracelet

Hand painted 12 mm wood beads inspired by the outfits in The Barbie Movie 😊


To find your size, please measure where you would like the bracelet to sit and add 1/4" to 1/2" for comfort. The bracelets are made with Stretch Magic bead & jewelry cord.  The standard bracelet size is 7 inches. 


If you are uncertain about the size, no worries! I am including extra elastic cord in case you would like to adjust the size of the bracelet.  Simply restring the beads on the enclosed cord, +/- beads, tie 2-3 knots, and seal the knot with glue or nail polish.  Super easy!


Please note that each bead is hand painted so there may be variations from the picture 😊.


Thank you!!


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